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void QETDiagramEditor::diagramWasAdded ( DiagramView dv  )  [slot]

Gere l'ajout d'un schema dans un projet

dv DiagramView concerne

Definition at line 1625 of file qetdiagrameditor.cpp.

References add_text, diagramTitleChanged(), slot_updateComplexActions(), and slot_updateModeActions().

Referenced by addProjectView().

      // quand on change qqc a l'interieur d'un schema, on met a jour les menus
      undo_group.addStack(&(dv -> diagram() -> undoStack()));
      connect(dv,              SIGNAL(selectionChanged()),         this,     SLOT(slot_updateComplexActions()));
      connect(dv,              SIGNAL(modeChanged()),              this,     SLOT(slot_updateModeActions()));
      connect(dv,              SIGNAL(textAdded(bool)),            add_text, SLOT(setChecked(bool)));
      connect(dv, SIGNAL(titleChanged(DiagramView *, const QString &)), this, SLOT(diagramTitleChanged(DiagramView *)));

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