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ProjectView * QETDiagramEditor::currentProject (  )  const [private]

Le projet actuellement edite (= qui a le focus dans l'interface MDI) ou 0 s'il n'y en a pas

Definition at line 846 of file qetdiagrameditor.cpp.

Referenced by addDiagramToProject(), cleanCurrentProject(), closeCurrentProject(), currentDiagram(), editCurrentDiagramProperties(), editCurrentProjectProperties(), exportDialog(), printDialog(), removeDiagramFromProject(), save(), saveAll(), saveAsDialog(), slot_updateActions(), and slot_updateWindowsMenu().

      QMdiSubWindow *current_window = workspace.activeSubWindow();
      if (!current_window) return(0);
      QWidget *current_widget = current_window -> widget();
      if (!current_widget) return(0);
      if (ProjectView *project_view = qobject_cast<ProjectView *>(current_widget)) {

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